Electrons rush in
And the glow begins

Company Profile

RELION Industries, LLC, is located in Bedford, MA, USA, which is just outside the city of Boston. The principal, Dr. Donald J. Marshall, has been associated with cathodoluminescence instrumentation and with the applications of CL in geology, archaeology, ceramics and glass industry, and phosphor research for many years.

RELION offers new CL instrumentation — the RELIOTRON — and also can provide servicing and spare parts for the CL instruments provided by most other manufacturers.

About Dr. Donald Marshall

Dr. Marshall is the author of the definitive text on cathodoluminescence, Cathodoluminescence of Geological Materials (with a chapter contributed by Dr. Anthony Mariano). Dr. Marshall has presented at conferences all over the world.

For textbook ordering information, see the Textbook page.

View the PowerPoint presentation of The Technique of Macrophotography in Cathodoluminescence Studies.